About Garden Railroading
Garden railroading began in Europe and, in recent years, has become very popular in the US. If you are familiar with running a train around the Christmas tree over the holidays, why not run it around a tree in your backyard! And not just over the holidays, but all year long!
Your railroad can model a real railroad, like the Santa Fe or Union Pacific, or you can create a whimsical empire with unique cars and birdhouse for buildings.
Today's garden railroad equipment is authentically detailed, and can have full on-board sound with hand-held remote controls.

The Cypress Canyon Railroad
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KLRU-TV "Central Texas Gardener"
Windy Point Garden Railroads
Windy Point Garden Railroads can help you create your own garden railroad from initial design, through construction, selecting your railroad equipment and accessories, train operations, and garden plant selection.
Whether you want your train to enhance a garden feature, like a pond or a waterfall, or you just like to watch the trains go around, you and your family will have a lot of fun running your railroad!
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Jim Swift, KXAN-TV
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